What is a Mirrorless Camera?

mirrorless cameraAre you planning to buy a new camera but don’t know which brand, model or type to buy? Have you checked the features that these cameras have to offer? Buying a camera is somehow confusing but it can be easy if you know where you’re going to use it and how much you are willing to spend to get one.

Choosing the Camera for You

There are three basic types of cameras that you can choose from: compact (or point and shoot) digital camera, mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and DSLRs. Normally, a compact digital is cheaper than a mirrorless and DSLR is the most expensive of the three. If you want to upgrade your old compact digital camera but don’t have enough money to buy a DSLR then the best option is a mirrorless camera.

A mirrorless camera is a camera with interchangeable lens like those in DSLRs but this type is smaller, lighter and generally cheaper than SLRs. It has an LCD instead of an electronic viewfinder which you see in DSLRs.

Things to Look into When Selecting a Mirrorless

Like in DSLR cameras, you can choose a mirrorless camera based on the ideal sensor for you. If in DSLRs you can choose between full frame, APS-crop and four Thirds, then in mirrorless you can choose among Full-frame, Four Thirds, APS-C and 1/2.3″ among many others. There is surely a lens that will suit your taste and needs.

Mirrorless cameras are generally versatile because you can choose the lenses that you will buy to produce your desired images. Furthermore, there are also mirrorless cameras that are 3D and waterproof. Sussex wedding photographer used to own a mirrorless camera but now uses a DSLR in capturing wedding images.

Here are some important factors to check into when choosing a mirrorless camera to buy.

  1. Sensors

Most mirrorless cameras have sensors that are not small like that in a compact digital but not too large either similar to the sensor of a full-frame DSLR. The sensors of most mirrorless are usually middle-sized or equivalent to APS-C and Four thirds in DSLRs. But then, with the high technology we have now, there are mirrorless cameras with large sensors available now in the market. Large sensors in cameras matter a lot for professionals like Wedding photographers Northampton.

  1. Lenses

In buying mirrorless cameras, you should know in advance if the brand or model you want to buy is compatible with SLR lenses. There are mirrorless cameras that are very versatile so you can attach SLR lenses on it. You only need to use an adapter to attach the SLR lenses to your mirrorless.

Some of your friends who own a DSLR might be able to lend you their lenses on occasions you need them. Or, maybe in the future if you also own a DSLR you can switch lenses as needed. This is definitely practical and can help you save money so you don’t have to buy many new lenses.

  1. Video capability

Most mirrorless cameras allow you to shoot in full HD like in DSLR while high-end mirrorless allows you to shoot 4K. Make sure to check the video capability of the mirrorless cameras you consider buying before finally choosing one.

Our technology continuously evolves and camera manufacturers are always in the running trying to find ways to offer the public the best products. Examine each model carefully before setting your eyes on one.

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