Now that you have taken that important step and decided that you are going to hire a professional wedding photographer, it is of utmost importance that you get the best photographer who will deliver awesome photos to remember you big day by.

Not all professional wedding photographers are able to do perfect work, some might be just as bad as those amateur photographers that you are trying so hard to avoid. Chances are you have done your research and narrowed down the list to a few potential photographers for your wedding. Since you can only pick one (and we hope it is us, hint hint), you can set up a meeting with each of them and ask them a few questions. After comparing their answers, you will of course make a much better decision.

So if you are the bride or groom, you are probably asking yourself, what are the top 5 questions that I should ask my wedding photographer? Outlined below are the top five questions that should help you along.

1. What Packages Are You Offering?

Top 5 questionsMajority of the professional photographers have various packages on offer designed to save their customers some money through certain bundle services. This is actually one of the best ways to get the best deal. If a wedding photographer is in a position to actually deliver every one of these packages that they are offering, chances are they actually know what they are doing and are truly in the business. This is the best way to separate the amateurs from the real deal because majority of the pro wannabes aren’t able to offer and deliver premium packages.

2. What Should I expect At Post-processing?

Post-processing is of course an important part of wedding photography and this is actually why you are paying the professional and didn’t hire your best friend or sibling with the nice camera. The photographer’s work doesn’t end after the wedding ends, the real work of editing then begins. Find out from them how much they are going to be retouching your photos and ask to see the ��before’ and ��after’ images that they have. If your photographer tells you they don’t edit their photos, then don’t waste time and simply move on to the next one because you really don’t want bad quality photos. Basic edits should be done on your images such as color, lighting and other necessary corrections.

3. Ever Shot At My Venue Before ? (Will You Check It Out Before The Wedding If Not?)

There are high chances that your experienced photographer has been to many wedding locations, yours included. Every venue is different and if they haven’t been to yours, they should be willing to scout it before your wedding. If they are willing to visit the place and get good working knowledge, then they are right for the job. If not, simply move on to the next one.

4. How Long Should I Wait To Get My Wedding Photos?

With the advancement in technology, the wedding photos shouldn’t take long. Six to eight weeks should be enough wait time, anything past that is too much wait time. Let your photographer assure you that you will get your photos sooner rather than too late. After the honeymoon should be okay.

5. What Is Your Back Up Plan?

Your wedding photographer should at least have a back-up camera and lenses. Get suspicious if a photographer doesn’t answer immediately about their backup plan. Is their a back-up photographer lined up by them in case they fail to show up because of an emergency? Your photographer should answer these questions to your satisfaction and assure you that they have all bases covered. You definitely deserve such high levels of commitment from your photographer.

With the above questions you simply can’t go wrong with your photographer. To discuss your wedding photography plans with us – get in touch

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