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Learning the Pros and Cons of a Beach Wedding

pros and cons of a beach weddingBeach wedding has become a top choice for most couples today. It offers a unique experience to the pair and their guests because it is different from the traditional wedding setup. A beach may appear simple to setup but in reality it involves several challenges that the couple needs to get ready for. Only those couples who are well prepared for a beach wedding get to make it successful.

If you are contemplating on whether or not to have a beach wedding, then here are some pros and cons of tying the knot at the beach that you should be aware of. The information below can hopefully help you decide.

Pros of a Beach Wedding

  1. It is generally less expensive.

Depending on whether you choose a public or private beach, you can spend as little as $6000 for your beach wedding. You will need fewer decors. You can invite only the closest thus saving on catering costs. You can even wear a simpler wedding dress which costs less than the dress usually worn on traditional weddings. A beach wedding is indeed a practical choice for couples.

  1. It is more romantic.

The beach scenery gives a relaxing and romantic ambience that will surely be reflected in your wedding pictures. You will be amazed by how wonderful the beach wedding photos produced by your wedding photographer are. You can check out examples of great beach wedding pictures on www.tuxandtalesphoto.co.uk

  1. It is less stressful and more relaxing.

Beach weddings promote a relaxing ambiance not only to the couple but also for the invited guests. In traditional weddings, a guest also needs to do some preparations for the wedding. He/she needs to buy a formal suit or dress, visit a salon to have his/her hair and nails done and sometimes even need to spend on travel expense in going to the venue. With a beach wedding, a simple semi-formal dress or suit is enough and you can just have your hair let loose or tied in a ponytail. Less cost and more relaxing since the couple and guests will wear more comfortable outfits.

Cons of a Beach Wedding

  1. It may present possible problem with the weather.

Since you are doing your wedding event on an open area, you are now somehow at the mercy of the weather. Even if you expect a forecasted sunny weather, the weather might suddenly change and become rainy on your wedding day. This may cause a serious problem unless you have prepared some backup plans. Your backup plan may include putting up tents or reserving an indoor venue nearby in case the weather gets worse. For a very hot weather, you can provide umbrellas and refreshments for your guests to feel comfortable.

  1. There are strict rules and regulations plus permits in some beaches.

All beaches of course have different set of rules and regulations. Some can be so strict and may require too many permits. You will need to know early what the policies and what permits are required. There are permits that take weeks or even months to acquire so you will have to apply early.

  1. It may not be that exclusive.

There are beach weddings that didn’t appear successful because the public beach that the couple chose is not exclusive for them. There are unwanted observers nearby or wandering nearby during the wedding ceremony. One way to avoid this for your wedding is to choose a wedding date and time wherein less people go to the beach. Or find a better beach which can be hired exclusively for you on that date.

Carefully think of the pros and cons given before deciding whether or not to have a beach wedding.

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What Benefits Can You Get From Hiring Two Wedding Photographers

wedding photographyLooking for the right wedding photographer is one of the concerns of the engaged couple. They need to find a professional who can really capture the wonderful moments during their wedding. Since there are quite a lot of photographers now who are into wedding photography, choosing the ideal one for this important event can be confusing for the couple.

Now, since there are weddings that are quite huge with hundreds of guests, some couples are unsure whether one photographer can cover every important details and highlights of the wedding. They are thinking of hiring a second shooter who can work with the primary photograph during the wedding. The wedding photography cost is expected to get higher.

Some wedding companies offer packages wherein two or three photographers from their company will work on the wedding event and the package is at a higher rate. And so the question now is, do couples really need to consider hiring two photographers? Isn’t one enough to do the job?

Well, my answer is YES. The couple must consider hiring two wedding photographers from the same company especially if their wedding venue is huge and they are expecting more than a hundred guests.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from hiring two or more wedding photographers.

  1. More precious moments will be captured

Since a lot of things happen during a wedding, there are instances when the wedding photographer fails to capture a valuable shot especially of a fleeting moment. Thus, hiring two london wedding photographers can help in securing that many precious moments will be captured on camera. The photographers can discuss ahead on which or what each one will cover so there will be no missed or even duplicate shots.

  1. Bigger scope of coverage

The photographers can plan on where to position themselves separately and what kind of shots they will take. One photographer can focus on the ceremony and the couple while another can take pictures of the guests and the venue. They can also assign which one takes formal shots of the guests and the venue before the wedding while the other one focuses on the bride’s and groom’s preparations.

  1. Provides multiple perspective

Two photographers carrying two or more lenses each can surely give you a variety of photos. They can shoot from different angles and perspectives and so you can be assure that the story they will produce is much more detailed and striking.

  1. No breaks, no missed moment

If there is only one photographer, there might be a certain period during the wedding party that a wedding photographer will miss taking shots of fun moments happening among the guests. But then, with a second shooter around, the primary photographer can take a short break while the other one continues capturing moments. After which, the primary shoots again and the second shooter takes a break.

Having a second shooter is certainly an advantage so try to consider this option. There are professional photographers who partner with less-experienced second shooters and are offering a wedding package at a lower cost. Try to do a background check about their experiences so you can surely hire the best photographers for your wedding.

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