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What Benefits Can You Get From Hiring Two Wedding Photographers

wedding photographyLooking for the right wedding photographer is one of the concerns of the engaged couple. They need to find a professional who can really capture the wonderful moments during their wedding. Since there are quite a lot of photographers now who are into wedding photography, choosing the ideal one for this important event can be confusing for the couple.

Now, since there are weddings that are quite huge with hundreds of guests, some couples are unsure whether one photographer can cover every important details and highlights of the wedding. They are thinking of hiring a second shooter who can work with the primary photograph during the wedding. The wedding photography cost is expected to get higher.

Some wedding companies offer packages wherein two or three photographers from their company will work on the wedding event and the package is at a higher rate. And so the question now is, do couples really need to consider hiring two photographers? Isn’t one enough to do the job?

Well, my answer is YES. The couple must consider hiring two wedding photographers from the same company especially if their wedding venue is huge and they are expecting more than a hundred guests.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from hiring two or more wedding photographers.

  1. More precious moments will be captured

Since a lot of things happen during a wedding, there are instances when the wedding photographer fails to capture a valuable shot especially of a fleeting moment. Thus, hiring two london wedding photographers can help in securing that many precious moments will be captured on camera. The photographers can discuss ahead on which or what each one will cover so there will be no missed or even duplicate shots.

  1. Bigger scope of coverage

The photographers can plan on where to position themselves separately and what kind of shots they will take. One photographer can focus on the ceremony and the couple while another can take pictures of the guests and the venue. They can also assign which one takes formal shots of the guests and the venue before the wedding while the other one focuses on the bride’s and groom’s preparations.

  1. Provides multiple perspective

Two photographers carrying two or more lenses each can surely give you a variety of photos. They can shoot from different angles and perspectives and so you can be assure that the story they will produce is much more detailed and striking.

  1. No breaks, no missed moment

If there is only one photographer, there might be a certain period during the wedding party that a wedding photographer will miss taking shots of fun moments happening among the guests. But then, with a second shooter around, the primary photographer can take a short break while the other one continues capturing moments. After which, the primary shoots again and the second shooter takes a break.

Having a second shooter is certainly an advantage so try to consider this option. There are professional photographers who partner with less-experienced second shooters and are offering a wedding package at a lower cost. Try to do a background check about their experiences so you can surely hire the best photographers for your wedding.

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How Couples Should Deal with their Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerA wedding photographer plays an important part in a wedding. Hiring the right one should not be taken for granted because it can possibly turn your wedding into a success or a disaster.

The photographer that couples should hire must really be knowledgeable and skilled in wedding photography to ensure that brilliant wedding photos will be delivered.

Aside from setting an appointment with your photographer to discuss wedding-related matters, it is also important for you to establish a good business relationship with your photographer. You need to ensure that your wedding photographer will get the job done well. While it may not be totally necessary, but doing these little things may help a photographer cover your wedding perfectly.

  1. Get him seated

Depending on the setup in venue, you can add your photographer in the guest list so he gets seated. Of course, he won’t really be there as a guests but giving him a spot can make him more comfortable in working. He can also aim for better shots if he can access the areas where the guests are.

  1. Make sure he’s fed

For humanitarian reasons, you are aware that your wedding photographer needs to get fed. You can choose to order a simpler or different dish for him as long as there is delicious food for him to eat. We all know that it is difficult to work on an empty stomach so a little act of kindness will go a long way.

  1. Provide a copy of the wedding flow

The wedding photographer may or may not ask for a copy of the wedding itinerary but you can offer to give him one so he can be guided on what, when, where things will happen. Your wedding photographer can also prepare and plan on where to position himself in taking shots.

  1. Hire an assistant or backup shooter

Most professional photographers bring a second shooter or an assistant when covering a wedding. It will depend in the contract that both parties have signed.

If your main photographer doesn’t have one, ask him about it or offer to hire one. Photographers usually work in pairs or a small group depending of course on what is written in your wedding photography contract. Having a backup or second shooter can allow the primary photographer to take short breaks to eat lunch or grab a quick snack. The second shooter can shoot while he’s on a short break.

Remember to check the work portfolio and background of the wedding photographer as well as the wedding company to ensure they are legitimate, honest, credible and trustworthy. You cannot repeat the happenings in your wedding, thus it is vital to select the right wedding photographer and know the best ways to deal with him or her.

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10 Best Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

wedding photographyShooting a wedding for the first time can be daunting. You will need to really plan and prepare ahead to ensure this becomes successful. The success of your first wedding project will have an impact in your career. It will either show that you are ready to become a professional photographer or make you realize that there are lot of things you still need to learn.

Here are some of the best wedding photography tips we have gathered from interviewing professional wedding photographers. Hopefully these tips can help you become a better photographer.

  1. Buy the right camera and lens

If you haven’t bought a camera and lens yet, consider getting a full-frame camera, wide angle lens, macro lens and standard zoom lens. These are some of the common equipment used by wedding photographers

  1. Get insured

There are several types of insurance that photographers can acquire to protect their valuable equipment, their clients and themselves. Go find out what insurance suits your needs.

  1. Prepare a backup plan

The weather can sometimes be a problem. You need to know ahead what the weather will be during the wedding. If it is expected to rain, then plan for an indoor spot where you can take formal group shots of the couple and guests.  You also need to plan on how you can secure your equipment.

  1. Talk to the couple

It is important to know what the couple’s expectations and what you can deliver. All terms and conditions in the contract must be clear to both parties. Know also what style the couple wants you to apply and ask for a copy of their wedding itinerary so you will know the flow of the wedding.

  1. Prepare a wedding shot list

To avoid missing an important shot, create a wedding shot list and ask suggestions from the couple as well. There might be special items or group shots they expected you to take photographs of during the wedding. Wedding photographer Hertfordshire never misses an important wedding shot.

  1. Bring along an assistant

While this maybe your first project and you may not have a second shooter, try to find someone who can help you out during the wedding. If possible, it should be someone who can shoot so he/she can use your other camera.

  1. Shoot in raw format

Shooting in RAW allows you to control the images during post production hence you can make them look more appealing. RAW files can take more space though than jpeg so you should have plenty of memory cards ready.

  1. Research about the location

Get facts about the wedding venue and if you have time to spare visit the location before the actual wedding. This can help you plan where to position yourself when taking shots.

  1. Carry extras

Memory cards, spare batteries and camera are the things you should always bring an extra with you. You never know if your memory storage suddenly runs out or if your primary camera breaks. It is better to be ready and carry extras. This photographer Berkshire always brings extra equipment when covering a wedding. You also do the same.

  1. Make friends with other wedding professionals

Coordinating with the people who are also preparing for the wedding can make your job easier. If you make friends with the wedding planner, you can get ideas on when and where you can take shots. Connecting with other wedding professionals can even help you get more clients in the future.

Through careful planning, research and preparation, it will be easier for a beginner like you to do your job and make events successful.

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My 5 Top Tips for Perfect Wedding Photographs

wedding photography tiipsBeing hired as the official wedding photographer can be flattering yet daunting. The couples and their guests will expect you to get the “perfect shots”. This is a challenge for you to give your best, show your skills and take brilliant, impressive photos.

Wedding photos help store memories of the couple’s special day hence it is important that you satisfy the couple with the photos you take. If you have just started your wedding photography business and you are unsure on where to start and what photos to take, then here are my 5 top tips for taking perfect wedding photographs.

  1. Ask for the couple’s shoot list

To avoid missing any shots that are deemed important by the couple, it is best to request for the bride to give you a list of the shots she wants you to take. I’m pretty sure this will include a shot of her and her siblings, a shot with her best friend, a shot with the flower girls and more shots with significant family members and friends.

Once you get the list, add your own ideas on what else needs to be photographed. Include a landscape picture of the venue, shots of the bridal dress particularly the train, pics of the rings, shoes, accessories and other special items. For more tips, you can ask our surrey wedding photographer.

  1. Assign a family member from both side to act as coordinators

Of course, you wouldn’t happen to know all members of the couple’s families so it is wise to request from the couple to assign one family member from each side to assist you in calling and gathering people for group or family shots. The assigned family member can easily identify and call the individuals you need for a particular shot. It also pays to know some of the family members and guests. Start with the bride’s and groom’s parents and siblings.

  1. Take portrait shots ahead of the ceremony

Set time to take portrait shots an hour or two before the ceremony starts. The couple still look fresh before the wedding ceremony thus making them appear more stunning in the wedding photos. Same with the guests, they’re makeup are freshly done and their outfits are still well-pressed so you can shoot more awesome pics.

  1. Bring extras – one won’t do

Bring an extra of everything – extra batteries, charger, camera, lenses and memory cards. It is always best to be prepared for whatever might happen. If your primary camera malfunctions, make sure you have your backup cam. Wedding Photographer Essex always brings extra camera and lenses when covering a wedding.

  1. Don’t forget the venue and special items

The couple chose the wedding venue because for there’s something they find special in it. Make sure you don’t forget to take landscape shots of the wedding venue/s before the actual wedding starts. You should not miss photographing the flowers, candles, decors you see at the venue.

Remember also to take macro shots of the bridal dress particularly the train, the wedding rings, bible, shoes, accessories and jewelries and other items that you think are important for the couple.

Working as a wedding photographer doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Don’t get too stressed trying to get the right shots. Take it slow but sure. As long as you prepare ahead and follow the tips above then you’ll be fine. Enjoy the experience!

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