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My 5 Top Tips for Perfect Wedding Photographs

wedding photography tiipsBeing hired as the official wedding photographer can be flattering yet daunting. The couples and their guests will expect you to get the “perfect shots”. This is a challenge for you to give your best, show your skills and take brilliant, impressive photos.

Wedding photos help store memories of the couple’s special day hence it is important that you satisfy the couple with the photos you take. If you have just started your wedding photography business and you are unsure on where to start and what photos to take, then here are my 5 top tips for taking perfect wedding photographs.

  1. Ask for the couple’s shoot list

To avoid missing any shots that are deemed important by the couple, it is best to request for the bride to give you a list of the shots she wants you to take. I’m pretty sure this will include a shot of her and her siblings, a shot with her best friend, a shot with the flower girls and more shots with significant family members and friends.

Once you get the list, add your own ideas on what else needs to be photographed. Include a landscape picture of the venue, shots of the bridal dress particularly the train, pics of the rings, shoes, accessories and other special items. For more tips, you can ask our surrey wedding photographer.

  1. Assign a family member from both side to act as coordinators

Of course, you wouldn’t happen to know all members of the couple’s families so it is wise to request from the couple to assign one family member from each side to assist you in calling and gathering people for group or family shots. The assigned family member can easily identify and call the individuals you need for a particular shot. It also pays to know some of the family members and guests. Start with the bride’s and groom’s parents and siblings.

  1. Take portrait shots ahead of the ceremony

Set time to take portrait shots an hour or two before the ceremony starts. The couple still look fresh before the wedding ceremony thus making them appear more stunning in the wedding photos. Same with the guests, they’re makeup are freshly done and their outfits are still well-pressed so you can shoot more awesome pics.

  1. Bring extras – one won’t do

Bring an extra of everything – extra batteries, charger, camera, lenses and memory cards. It is always best to be prepared for whatever might happen. If your primary camera malfunctions, make sure you have your backup cam. Wedding Photographer Essex always brings extra camera and lenses when covering a wedding.

  1. Don’t forget the venue and special items

The couple chose the wedding venue because for there’s something they find special in it. Make sure you don’t forget to take landscape shots of the wedding venue/s before the actual wedding starts. You should not miss photographing the flowers, candles, decors you see at the venue.

Remember also to take macro shots of the bridal dress particularly the train, the wedding rings, bible, shoes, accessories and jewelries and other items that you think are important for the couple.

Working as a wedding photographer doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Don’t get too stressed trying to get the right shots. Take it slow but sure. As long as you prepare ahead and follow the tips above then you’ll be fine. Enjoy the experience!

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