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Simple Techniques on How to Produce Better Travel Photos

travel photographyAre you planning a vacation on the next holiday season? Do you know the best way to remember this much-awaited vacation? Yes that’s right, through pictures. You take pictures of yourself, your friends and the place you’ve been to during your vacation. It is surely fun to get you entire travel documented using your camera.

Some travelers rely on their camera phone in taking travel photos while others bring their digital camera hoping to get better shots. The widely used today to produce more brilliant images are DSLR cameras. If you can afford one, then go ahead and purchase one. Some DSLRs are expensive while others especially those intended for beginners are affordable.

Below are simple techniques that can help you produce better travel photos which are worth keeping for a lifetime.

  1. Get closer to your subject or point of interest

Aim your shot at a closer distance so you will most likely have a clear image of what you want to capture. Make sure to compose your image first and hold the camera still when shooting so there will be no shakes.

  1. Zoom in whenever necessary

If you cannot get near your subject, then just zoom in. Like for example, if you want to shoot a popular landmark but then the ground is steep or it is not possible to go up on higher grounds, then just zoom and hold your camera properly to get shots.  This Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer can get sharp images of his subjects even at a distance.

  1. Pack the things you need most

Remember that you’re going on a vacation to relax and be mesmerized by new vacation spot. Bringing too many things especially for taking pictures would be burdensome. Bring only your DSLR if you have any, memory cards and 1 to 2 lenses depending on what shots you are planning to shoot.

  1. Take several landscape shots

Going on a long trip would sometime present you a scenic spot you can’t afford to miss. Take your time and get on with it, using the Rule of the Third grab the opportunity and look for a spot and place in a point of interest to make it better. A simple mountainside view or a wide plain farmland would do the trick.

  1. Bring a fast lens

A fast prime lens around 50-85mm are usually suitable for travel photography. If you can afford to buy or borrow a telephoto lens around 70-200mm then that will make zooming in on subjects easier. It is not that highly recommended though since a telephoto or long lens is heavy.

  1. Take some shots with the locals

To make your travel photos more memorable, do not forget to take pictures with the local people in the city where you are vacationing. Be nice and take pictures also of their food and other popular stuff like their clothing or livelihood.

Most of us don’t get the chance to travel or go on a vacation often. Hence, find ways to keep the memories of your travel. Get the right shots and place them in an album which you can readily view anytime you desire.

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