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Professional Photography and Where to Start

photography trainingPhotography is an interesting field that a lot of individuals want to get into. Some people do it as a hobby – they take pictures of the subjects they find fascinating. There are those, though, that want to take a step higher and become a professional photographer.

A career in professional photography can be rewarding. It can be a good source of income once you get the hang of it and be able to make a name in the photography industry. Competition is tight though so you will have to find ways to get more customers and gain an edge among your competitors. Climbing up the ladder of success in professional photography is not easy but it is definitely worth trying.

Getting Started in Two Ways

To get started, you should be aware that there are two basic ways in how you can become a professional photographer. You can choose to do both or you can prefer to go with only one.

Take course/s in photography

Let’ start with the first one: take a course in photography. There are photography schools who offer different courses in photography. Some courses last for only several months while others last for a year or longer. Your choice should basically depend on the subject you are interested in or the type of photography you want to focus on first. Make sure to choose a credible school that possibly has ties or affiliations with companies so you can later get in the photography industry much easier. The more people you know and build relationships with, the better and more opportunities you can have.

Learn through apprenticeship

The second one is learning through apprenticeship. If you hate going to school or taking an online course in photography, then you get into actual photography training and look for a professional photographer is willing to get you as an assistant. Observe how this professional works, learn from what he does best and yes you can also learn from his mistakes. You do not have to copy all his techniques and style, just use it as a basis or guide so you can develop your own style and identity later.


If you chose to do both, you can take a photography course in an actual school or take it online then later apply to become an assistant to a pro once you think you’re ready to work in the field. Formal education in school can help you understand theories, terms, techniques and many others related to photography. On the other hand, actual shooting or on-the-job training under the supervision of an instructor can help you easily understand how things are done since you will be doing it and applying what you have learned.

Never limit yourself from learning only the basics, aim to learn more and continuously hone your sills through constant practice. You will certainly succeed as a professional photographer if you follow the tips mentioned above.

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