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How to Produce Perfect Newborn Photos

newborn photographyNewborn photography is an interesting type of photography that is not only meant for parents. If you really love taking pictures of babies, you can very much be a newborn photographer even if you’re single. The sight of these newborn babies most likely had a huge impact in you and this made you realize how wonderful it is to become a newborn photographer.

Like other forms of photography, it is not enough that you are passionate about what you do. You also need to seriously learn the craft to be able to gain the experience and skills necessary to become successful.

For aspiring newborn photographers, owning a great camera and knowing how to handle babies are not enough. You also need to learn how to best produce perfect newborn shoots that will impress your clients as well as their friends. They will surely keep you in mind and contact you in the future whenever they need a newborn photographer.

Here are several tips for newborn photographer like you to get nice newborn shots.

  1. Prepare and plan ahead.

If your client requested for a posed style of photography, then prepare a list of what shots you will take. Discuss with the parents where the session will be – whether in the studio, in their house or in a different location. If it is in your studio, you should prepare a checklist on what needs to be set up before the scheduled shoot – lighting, props, cameras and lenses to use, etc.

  1. Bring a prime lens and zoom lens.

A prime lens around 50-85mm can help you get sharper images even in low light. It also give you a perfect depth of field so the focus will be on the baby and the background has a nice blur. A zoom lens is also a good choice for producing more creative shots.

  1. Take macro shots

Macro shots are common in newborn photography so don’t forget to take macro shots of the newborn. Parents will surely love to see these shots because in the future they would love to compare how much their baby has grown. Some of the important macro shots are – close up shot of the foot, cheek, fingers and toes.

  1. Select the right props

The props that you will use must be clean and safe. Keep in mind that the baby’s safety is your utmost concern so make sure that nothing can harm the little one.

Ask the parents if there is a significant prop that they would want to be include in the picture. It can be a blanket given by a grandparent or a hair bow passed on from an older sibling.

  1. Keep the room warm.

If the photo session will take place in the studio, make sure the studio is warm so the baby will feel comfortable. Remind also the parent to have the baby fed before the session so the little one will feel comfortable and will be in a deep sleep during the session.

  1. Suggest for the mom or dad to be in the picture.

Since this newborn shoot shows an important milestone in the baby’s life, the presence of parents or either mom or dad will surely make it more memorable. You can also include any older sibling so it can be one memorable experience for the whole family.

You can be a successful newborn photographer if you just continue to learn, persevere and be passionate about what you do. Get inspiration also from successful photographers like this hampshire wedding photographer.




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