Preparing for Family Photoshoot

It’s not easy getting the most out of a family photograph. Your family members can’t just show up and expect to have a great family photo, like everything in life you have to be prepared for the photo shoot. One way of making sure the family picture comes out perfectly is by making sure you have the right attire. It’s rather difficult getting the people to dress the way you want them to but you must be firm. These are some of the things that you can do to get the right family photograph.

Go for a colour coordinated look

Long gone are the days where all the family members had to where one color like black for a photo session. Photos taken in this manner are now considered to be quite bland and boring. The clothes should have different colors, not in a contrasting way but more of a contemplating way. This will ensure that the photo looks attractive.

Avoid logo’s and cartoon characters

As much as that teenage daughter of yours loves Linkin park t-shirts, they have no place in a family picture. If everyone wears plain clothes and one person puts on this t shirt then the focus of the photograph won’t be on the whole family but only on the person wearing the t shirt with those characters. No one wants a photo with distracting elements.

Home decorations

Considering that the family photo will be hanging inside your home, it would be a good idea to match the colors of the photograph with that of the home decor. This will ensure that photo blends in well. If you don’t do this the photograph will stand out like a sour thumb in the home.

Think about extra outfits

In the quest to get a family photo right you should think about trying on different clothes. As much as some clothes look like they are matching well together they might not look as good in a photograph. When such a situation occurs it’s good to be well prepared with other clothes on hand because getting everyone to pick different outfits on the fly can be a nightmarish affair for both you and the photographer.

Preparing for a family photography shootAccessories

Just as they do in life, accessories add to the feel of the attire you choose. Think how someone looks like when they are wearing a suit, they can decide to wear one with or without a tie. A tie in such a situation adds to the feel of professionalism and responsibility to the man in the photo. This just an example of how much power an accessory can have. So if you want to improve on a certain theme for the family photo then make sure you have accessories that add to its theme.

Classic Clothes mean Classy portraits!

Look for classy simple clothes for the entire family if you just can come up with the right theme for the photo sessions. Taking the classic route ensures that the photo has a timeless feel.

These tips should help you when you are thinking about what to wear to a family portrait shoot. So hopefully you will be able to get the right family photograph for your home. If you would like a quote for us to photography your family – give us a call!


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