Photography Tip: Use A Monopod For Sports Photography

How_to_use_a_MonopodThe monopod is a fantastic tool for dedicated sports photographers. It is like a one legged tripod that serves a bit of a different purpose. The monopod only gives minimal support, so it is not ideal to use for taking long exposure pictures. Avoid night time photography with these unless the use of a tripod is highly impractical. The reason these are highly favored by sport photographers is because they are so mobile and crowd friendly. The monopod is light, if folds up, and is easy to use in a crowd of people. So how does one use a monopod?

First off, the monopod is not primarily for stabilizing your camera. The sooner you realize this, the better off you’ll be. It is more to give your arms a rest between shots. This is another reason why sports photographers love these. You can keep your camera out for the entire duration of the game without feeling like your muscles are going to fall off. Until you have stood on a side line with a big heavy camera in your hands for three hours you can’t understand how wonderful these are.  You can see how a steady monopod can make to an image by looking at some of the professional photographers that use them – this Manchester wedding photographer probably makes good use of a monopod in his work.

The monopod comes without a head since most photographers use collars instead. These are useful because you are able to rotate your camera from horizontal shots to upright position in one smooth motion. It is quick and easy. After you position your camera you want to make sure you are standing and holding the monopod correctly. You can stand with your feet spread shoulder-width apart, or you could pretend that you’re an archer and stagger your feet. The first position turns you into a tripod by having your two legs stand in for the missing ones on the monopod. Your feet and the monopod should form a right triangle. The other position is useful for wedging the monopod into the arch of your foot. The reason it is so important to stand correctly is because it increases the camera stability.

Yet another reason why monopods are incredibly fun for sport photographers is that you can lift the monopod and get an elevated picture. This can help you get in and get a photo of where the action is happening. Of course this will usually result in a blurry photo since it’ll be difficult to stabilize the camera. With practice and a good enough camera you can get some really high quality pictures this way though.

Again, the monopod is not a very good substitute for a tripod, but it serves its own purpose. It is lousy for long exposure night time pictures, but very useful for action packed events that last a long time. The rest it gives your arms is priceless, and as a plus it allows you to be ready to start snapping pictures any moment action happens. While photographing sports the action could happen very suddenly, and the monopod allows you to be ready for anything. It is a fantastic tool and very helpful for sports enthusiasts.

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