How Couples Should Deal with their Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerA wedding photographer plays an important part in a wedding. Hiring the right one should not be taken for granted because it can possibly turn your wedding into a success or a disaster.

The photographer that couples should hire must really be knowledgeable and skilled in wedding photography to ensure that brilliant wedding photos will be delivered.

Aside from setting an appointment with your photographer to discuss wedding-related matters, it is also important for you to establish a good business relationship with your photographer. You need to ensure that your wedding photographer will get the job done well. While it may not be totally necessary, but doing these little things may help a photographer cover your wedding perfectly.

  1. Get him seated

Depending on the setup in venue, you can add your photographer in the guest list so he gets seated. Of course, he won’t really be there as a guests but giving him a spot can make him more comfortable in working. He can also aim for better shots if he can access the areas where the guests are.

  1. Make sure he’s fed

For humanitarian reasons, you are aware that your wedding photographer needs to get fed. You can choose to order a simpler or different dish for him as long as there is delicious food for him to eat. We all know that it is difficult to work on an empty stomach so a little act of kindness will go a long way.

  1. Provide a copy of the wedding flow

The wedding photographer may or may not ask for a copy of the wedding itinerary but you can offer to give him one so he can be guided on what, when, where things will happen. Your wedding photographer can also prepare and plan on where to position himself in taking shots.

  1. Hire an assistant or backup shooter

Most professional photographers bring a second shooter or an assistant when covering a wedding. It will depend in the contract that both parties have signed.

If your main photographer doesn’t have one, ask him about it or offer to hire one. Photographers usually work in pairs or a small group depending of course on what is written in your wedding photography contract. Having a backup or second shooter can allow the primary photographer to take short breaks to eat lunch or grab a quick snack. The second shooter can shoot while he’s on a short break.

Remember to check the work portfolio and background of the wedding photographer as well as the wedding company to ensure they are legitimate, honest, credible and trustworthy. You cannot repeat the happenings in your wedding, thus it is vital to select the right wedding photographer and know the best ways to deal with him or her.

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