8 Wedding Preparation Tips You Should Follow

wedding tipsPlanning your wedding can be over whelming and even stressful since it’s a once in a lifetime event where most guests expect to see something special to happen. You and your partner will have to decide on things and plan together. From choosing the venue and food caterer up to deciding on the wedding accessories, everything must be monitored and handled carefully.

Now, to avoid becoming stressed and burn-out for your wedding, couples could consider creating a systematic procedure on how they can monitor each and every matter that is important for the wedding event. Here are 9 wedding tips that can possibly help you prepare so your wedding will be successful and memorable.

  1. Set a budget first

The wedding budget is one of the most important factors of every wedding event. Couples should carefully plan, execute and constantly monitor their expenses. Whether your budget starts at $1,000 – $15,000 everything would be put into waste when you do not know how to budget. You can start by creating a financial plan wherein you will list the amount you will spend for each important item. Say for example, a budget limit for the wedding venue rental or a budget range for your wedding photographer. You have to try really hard to stick with the plan and do not go beyond the maximum budget set.

  1. Scout venues before choosing one

The wedding venue you choose would be the place that both of you will exchange I Dos. You will have to select the best one that you think is most suitable for this momentous event. Search for possible wedding venues first, ask for feedback from friends and do an ocular of the place. Talk as well to the venue manage or in-charge and ask relevant questions.

  1. Get the necessary legal documents and permits

It is extremely important that you know what legal documents you need to prepare or acquire. You have to make sure that documents are legally binding and true. Complete the documents as early as you can so you will not encounter any problem in the future.

  1. List your guests

As much as you want to invite all your relatives, friends and co-workers, you will have to dismiss that idea and choose only that are close to you. The number of guests you should invite must depend on how much is the wedding venue capacity as well as how much budget you have on catering. List the names of the persons you want to invite so you can have a guide on whom to address your wedding invitation.

  1. Decide on the wedding suit for groom and gown for the bride

This might sound simple for the groom but for the bride this can be difficult. Of course, if you are the bride, you surely want to become the most beautiful woman in your wedding right? You will have to choose the right wedding gown style that suits your body type as well as the wedding theme. Get ideas from your designer or check out magazines to see more designs to choose from.

  1. Find the right wedding photographer

Your wedding photographer will be taking pictures of the memorable happenings in your wedding so you must meticulously choose one for the job. Meet with all candidates, check their work portfolio and ask relevant questions to assess how qualified they are. After that, you can choose the one that you think is the best choice. Make sure to choose someone as skilled as this wedding photographer Cambridge.

  1. Set a time table

Couples must follow a time table which shows the deadlines or expected dates for each task related to the wedding preparation. This timetable can serve as your guide on how many days are left for each task or what still needs to be finished.

  1. Do some finishing touches

A day or two before the wedding you will need to check if everything is in order. Call all the wedding vendors to confirm their attendance o to make necessary payments. If you want to add something in the venue then do so.

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Learning the Pros and Cons of a Beach Wedding

pros and cons of a beach weddingBeach wedding has become a top choice for most couples today. It offers a unique experience to the pair and their guests because it is different from the traditional wedding setup. A beach may appear simple to setup but in reality it involves several challenges that the couple needs to get ready for. Only those couples who are well prepared for a beach wedding get to make it successful.

If you are contemplating on whether or not to have a beach wedding, then here are some pros and cons of tying the knot at the beach that you should be aware of. The information below can hopefully help you decide.

Pros of a Beach Wedding

  1. It is generally less expensive.

Depending on whether you choose a public or private beach, you can spend as little as $6000 for your beach wedding. You will need fewer decors. You can invite only the closest thus saving on catering costs. You can even wear a simpler wedding dress which costs less than the dress usually worn on traditional weddings. A beach wedding is indeed a practical choice for couples.

  1. It is more romantic.

The beach scenery gives a relaxing and romantic ambience that will surely be reflected in your wedding pictures. You will be amazed by how wonderful the beach wedding photos produced by your wedding photographer are. You can check out examples of great beach wedding pictures on

  1. It is less stressful and more relaxing.

Beach weddings promote a relaxing ambiance not only to the couple but also for the invited guests. In traditional weddings, a guest also needs to do some preparations for the wedding. He/she needs to buy a formal suit or dress, visit a salon to have his/her hair and nails done and sometimes even need to spend on travel expense in going to the venue. With a beach wedding, a simple semi-formal dress or suit is enough and you can just have your hair let loose or tied in a ponytail. Less cost and more relaxing since the couple and guests will wear more comfortable outfits.

Cons of a Beach Wedding

  1. It may present possible problem with the weather.

Since you are doing your wedding event on an open area, you are now somehow at the mercy of the weather. Even if you expect a forecasted sunny weather, the weather might suddenly change and become rainy on your wedding day. This may cause a serious problem unless you have prepared some backup plans. Your backup plan may include putting up tents or reserving an indoor venue nearby in case the weather gets worse. For a very hot weather, you can provide umbrellas and refreshments for your guests to feel comfortable.

  1. There are strict rules and regulations plus permits in some beaches.

All beaches of course have different set of rules and regulations. Some can be so strict and may require too many permits. You will need to know early what the policies and what permits are required. There are permits that take weeks or even months to acquire so you will have to apply early.

  1. It may not be that exclusive.

There are beach weddings that didn’t appear successful because the public beach that the couple chose is not exclusive for them. There are unwanted observers nearby or wandering nearby during the wedding ceremony. One way to avoid this for your wedding is to choose a wedding date and time wherein less people go to the beach. Or find a better beach which can be hired exclusively for you on that date.

Carefully think of the pros and cons given before deciding whether or not to have a beach wedding.

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How Couples Should Deal with their Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerA wedding photographer plays an important part in a wedding. Hiring the right one should not be taken for granted because it can possibly turn your wedding into a success or a disaster.

The photographer that couples should hire must really be knowledgeable and skilled in wedding photography to ensure that brilliant wedding photos will be delivered.

Aside from setting an appointment with your photographer to discuss wedding-related matters, it is also important for you to establish a good business relationship with your photographer. You need to ensure that your wedding photographer will get the job done well. While it may not be totally necessary, but doing these little things may help a photographer cover your wedding perfectly.

  1. Get him seated

Depending on the setup in venue, you can add your photographer in the guest list so he gets seated. Of course, he won’t really be there as a guests but giving him a spot can make him more comfortable in working. He can also aim for better shots if he can access the areas where the guests are.

  1. Make sure he’s fed

For humanitarian reasons, you are aware that your wedding photographer needs to get fed. You can choose to order a simpler or different dish for him as long as there is delicious food for him to eat. We all know that it is difficult to work on an empty stomach so a little act of kindness will go a long way.

  1. Provide a copy of the wedding flow

The wedding photographer may or may not ask for a copy of the wedding itinerary but you can offer to give him one so he can be guided on what, when, where things will happen. Your wedding photographer can also prepare and plan on where to position himself in taking shots.

  1. Hire an assistant or backup shooter

Most professional photographers bring a second shooter or an assistant when covering a wedding. It will depend in the contract that both parties have signed.

If your main photographer doesn’t have one, ask him about it or offer to hire one. Photographers usually work in pairs or a small group depending of course on what is written in your wedding photography contract. Having a backup or second shooter can allow the primary photographer to take short breaks to eat lunch or grab a quick snack. The second shooter can shoot while he’s on a short break.

Remember to check the work portfolio and background of the wedding photographer as well as the wedding company to ensure they are legitimate, honest, credible and trustworthy. You cannot repeat the happenings in your wedding, thus it is vital to select the right wedding photographer and know the best ways to deal with him or her.

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10 Best Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

wedding photographyShooting a wedding for the first time can be daunting. You will need to really plan and prepare ahead to ensure this becomes successful. The success of your first wedding project will have an impact in your career. It will either show that you are ready to become a professional photographer or make you realize that there are lot of things you still need to learn.

Here are some of the best wedding photography tips we have gathered from interviewing professional wedding photographers. Hopefully these tips can help you become a better photographer.

  1. Buy the right camera and lens

If you haven’t bought a camera and lens yet, consider getting a full-frame camera, wide angle lens, macro lens and standard zoom lens. These are some of the common equipment used by wedding photographers

  1. Get insured

There are several types of insurance that photographers can acquire to protect their valuable equipment, their clients and themselves. Go find out what insurance suits your needs.

  1. Prepare a backup plan

The weather can sometimes be a problem. You need to know ahead what the weather will be during the wedding. If it is expected to rain, then plan for an indoor spot where you can take formal group shots of the couple and guests.  You also need to plan on how you can secure your equipment.

  1. Talk to the couple

It is important to know what the couple’s expectations and what you can deliver. All terms and conditions in the contract must be clear to both parties. Know also what style the couple wants you to apply and ask for a copy of their wedding itinerary so you will know the flow of the wedding.

  1. Prepare a wedding shot list

To avoid missing an important shot, create a wedding shot list and ask suggestions from the couple as well. There might be special items or group shots they expected you to take photographs of during the wedding. Wedding photographer Hertfordshire never misses an important wedding shot.

  1. Bring along an assistant

While this maybe your first project and you may not have a second shooter, try to find someone who can help you out during the wedding. If possible, it should be someone who can shoot so he/she can use your other camera.

  1. Shoot in raw format

Shooting in RAW allows you to control the images during post production hence you can make them look more appealing. RAW files can take more space though than jpeg so you should have plenty of memory cards ready.

  1. Research about the location

Get facts about the wedding venue and if you have time to spare visit the location before the actual wedding. This can help you plan where to position yourself when taking shots.

  1. Carry extras

Memory cards, spare batteries and camera are the things you should always bring an extra with you. You never know if your memory storage suddenly runs out or if your primary camera breaks. It is better to be ready and carry extras. This photographer Berkshire always brings extra equipment when covering a wedding. You also do the same.

  1. Make friends with other wedding professionals

Coordinating with the people who are also preparing for the wedding can make your job easier. If you make friends with the wedding planner, you can get ideas on when and where you can take shots. Connecting with other wedding professionals can even help you get more clients in the future.

Through careful planning, research and preparation, it will be easier for a beginner like you to do your job and make events successful.

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My 5 Top Tips for Perfect Wedding Photographs

wedding photography tiipsBeing hired as the official wedding photographer can be flattering yet daunting. The couples and their guests will expect you to get the “perfect shots”. This is a challenge for you to give your best, show your skills and take brilliant, impressive photos.

Wedding photos help store memories of the couple’s special day hence it is important that you satisfy the couple with the photos you take. If you have just started your wedding photography business and you are unsure on where to start and what photos to take, then here are my 5 top tips for taking perfect wedding photographs.

  1. Ask for the couple’s shoot list

To avoid missing any shots that are deemed important by the couple, it is best to request for the bride to give you a list of the shots she wants you to take. I’m pretty sure this will include a shot of her and her siblings, a shot with her best friend, a shot with the flower girls and more shots with significant family members and friends.

Once you get the list, add your own ideas on what else needs to be photographed. Include a landscape picture of the venue, shots of the bridal dress particularly the train, pics of the rings, shoes, accessories and other special items. For more tips, you can ask our surrey wedding photographer.

  1. Assign a family member from both side to act as coordinators

Of course, you wouldn’t happen to know all members of the couple’s families so it is wise to request from the couple to assign one family member from each side to assist you in calling and gathering people for group or family shots. The assigned family member can easily identify and call the individuals you need for a particular shot. It also pays to know some of the family members and guests. Start with the bride’s and groom’s parents and siblings.

  1. Take portrait shots ahead of the ceremony

Set time to take portrait shots an hour or two before the ceremony starts. The couple still look fresh before the wedding ceremony thus making them appear more stunning in the wedding photos. Same with the guests, they’re makeup are freshly done and their outfits are still well-pressed so you can shoot more awesome pics.

  1. Bring extras – one won’t do

Bring an extra of everything – extra batteries, charger, camera, lenses and memory cards. It is always best to be prepared for whatever might happen. If your primary camera malfunctions, make sure you have your backup cam. Wedding Photographer Essex always brings extra camera and lenses when covering a wedding.

  1. Don’t forget the venue and special items

The couple chose the wedding venue because for there’s something they find special in it. Make sure you don’t forget to take landscape shots of the wedding venue/s before the actual wedding starts. You should not miss photographing the flowers, candles, decors you see at the venue.

Remember also to take macro shots of the bridal dress particularly the train, the wedding rings, bible, shoes, accessories and jewelries and other items that you think are important for the couple.

Working as a wedding photographer doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Don’t get too stressed trying to get the right shots. Take it slow but sure. As long as you prepare ahead and follow the tips above then you’ll be fine. Enjoy the experience!

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Now that you have taken that important step and decided that you are going to hire a professional wedding photographer, it is of utmost importance that you get the best photographer who will deliver awesome photos to remember you big day by.

Not all professional wedding photographers are able to do perfect work, some might be just as bad as those amateur photographers that you are trying so hard to avoid. Chances are you have done your research and narrowed down the list to a few potential photographers for your wedding. Since you can only pick one (and we hope it is us, hint hint), you can set up a meeting with each of them and ask them a few questions. After comparing their answers, you will of course make a much better decision.

So if you are the bride or groom, you are probably asking yourself, what are the top 5 questions that I should ask my wedding photographer? Outlined below are the top five questions that should help you along.

1. What Packages Are You Offering?

Top 5 questionsMajority of the professional photographers have various packages on offer designed to save their customers some money through certain bundle services. This is actually one of the best ways to get the best deal. If a wedding photographer is in a position to actually deliver every one of these packages that they are offering, chances are they actually know what they are doing and are truly in the business. This is the best way to separate the amateurs from the real deal because majority of the pro wannabes aren’t able to offer and deliver premium packages.

2. What Should I expect At Post-processing?

Post-processing is of course an important part of wedding photography and this is actually why you are paying the professional and didn’t hire your best friend or sibling with the nice camera. The photographer’s work doesn’t end after the wedding ends, the real work of editing then begins. Find out from them how much they are going to be retouching your photos and ask to see the ��before’ and ��after’ images that they have. If your photographer tells you they don’t edit their photos, then don’t waste time and simply move on to the next one because you really don’t want bad quality photos. Basic edits should be done on your images such as color, lighting and other necessary corrections.

3. Ever Shot At My Venue Before ? (Will You Check It Out Before The Wedding If Not?)

There are high chances that your experienced photographer has been to many wedding locations, yours included. Every venue is different and if they haven’t been to yours, they should be willing to scout it before your wedding. If they are willing to visit the place and get good working knowledge, then they are right for the job. If not, simply move on to the next one.

4. How Long Should I Wait To Get My Wedding Photos?

With the advancement in technology, the wedding photos shouldn’t take long. Six to eight weeks should be enough wait time, anything past that is too much wait time. Let your photographer assure you that you will get your photos sooner rather than too late. After the honeymoon should be okay.

5. What Is Your Back Up Plan?

Your wedding photographer should at least have a back-up camera and lenses. Get suspicious if a photographer doesn’t answer immediately about their backup plan. Is their a back-up photographer lined up by them in case they fail to show up because of an emergency? Your photographer should answer these questions to your satisfaction and assure you that they have all bases covered. You definitely deserve such high levels of commitment from your photographer.

With the above questions you simply can’t go wrong with your photographer. To discuss your wedding photography plans with us – get in touch

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Some people just don’t value the true meaning of images taken by the camera. They they seem to just forget it in time as their eyes see something sweet or new. But for us photographers, it’s a priceless treasure. They may not see the beauty of everything that surrounds them until you take a picture and make the difference. The results could be breath taking and astonishing, and that paints a smile on every single photographer. By the time you wake up, make it a habit to grab your camera and try to think deeply what shot you are going to make. Either it’s a black and white one, night sky, mountains, forests, it’s really up to you.

You can take pictures of almost anything your eyes can see. There is only one advice that professional photographers can give, be creative and be flexible. You can take pictures from where you at right now. But try to categorize what kind of images you want to capture. This is to make things more organized and easy going. Then at the end of the day, you can sum up and view all images you have captured under a particular category and save them on a single piece of file to avoid misplacing the images.

That’s just a small start towards learning more about photography.For information, you can watch the video below.

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