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How to Produce Perfect Newborn Photos

newborn photographyNewborn photography is an interesting type of photography that is not only meant for parents. If you really love taking pictures of babies, you can very much be a newborn photographer even if you’re single. The sight of these newborn babies most likely had a huge impact in you and this made you realize how wonderful it is to become a newborn photographer.

Like other forms of photography, it is not enough that you are passionate about what you do. You also need to seriously learn the craft to be able to gain the experience and skills necessary to become successful.

For aspiring newborn photographers, owning a great camera and knowing how to handle babies are not enough. You also need to learn how to best produce perfect newborn shoots that will impress your clients as well as their friends. They will surely keep you in mind and contact you in the future whenever they need a newborn photographer.

Here are several tips for newborn photographer like you to get nice newborn shots.

  1. Prepare and plan ahead.

If your client requested for a posed style of photography, then prepare a list of what shots you will take. Discuss with the parents where the session will be – whether in the studio, in their house or in a different location. If it is in your studio, you should prepare a checklist on what needs to be set up before the scheduled shoot – lighting, props, cameras and lenses to use, etc.

  1. Bring a prime lens and zoom lens.

A prime lens around 50-85mm can help you get sharper images even in low light. It also give you a perfect depth of field so the focus will be on the baby and the background has a nice blur. A zoom lens is also a good choice for producing more creative shots.

  1. Take macro shots

Macro shots are common in newborn photography so don’t forget to take macro shots of the newborn. Parents will surely love to see these shots because in the future they would love to compare how much their baby has grown. Some of the important macro shots are – close up shot of the foot, cheek, fingers and toes.

  1. Select the right props

The props that you will use must be clean and safe. Keep in mind that the baby’s safety is your utmost concern so make sure that nothing can harm the little one.

Ask the parents if there is a significant prop that they would want to be include in the picture. It can be a blanket given by a grandparent or a hair bow passed on from an older sibling.

  1. Keep the room warm.

If the photo session will take place in the studio, make sure the studio is warm so the baby will feel comfortable. Remind also the parent to have the baby fed before the session so the little one will feel comfortable and will be in a deep sleep during the session.

  1. Suggest for the mom or dad to be in the picture.

Since this newborn shoot shows an important milestone in the baby’s life, the presence of parents or either mom or dad will surely make it more memorable. You can also include any older sibling so it can be one memorable experience for the whole family.

You can be a successful newborn photographer if you just continue to learn, persevere and be passionate about what you do. Get inspiration also from successful photographers like this hampshire wedding photographer.




kent wedding photographer

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What is a Mirrorless Camera?

mirrorless cameraAre you planning to buy a new camera but don’t know which brand, model or type to buy? Have you checked the features that these cameras have to offer? Buying a camera is somehow confusing but it can be easy if you know where you’re going to use it and how much you are willing to spend to get one.

Choosing the Camera for You

There are three basic types of cameras that you can choose from: compact (or point and shoot) digital camera, mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and DSLRs. Normally, a compact digital is cheaper than a mirrorless and DSLR is the most expensive of the three. If you want to upgrade your old compact digital camera but don’t have enough money to buy a DSLR then the best option is a mirrorless camera.

A mirrorless camera is a camera with interchangeable lens like those in DSLRs but this type is smaller, lighter and generally cheaper than SLRs. It has an LCD instead of an electronic viewfinder which you see in DSLRs.

Things to Look into When Selecting a Mirrorless

Like in DSLR cameras, you can choose a mirrorless camera based on the ideal sensor for you. If in DSLRs you can choose between full frame, APS-crop and four Thirds, then in mirrorless you can choose among Full-frame, Four Thirds, APS-C and 1/2.3″ among many others. There is surely a lens that will suit your taste and needs.

Mirrorless cameras are generally versatile because you can choose the lenses that you will buy to produce your desired images. Furthermore, there are also mirrorless cameras that are 3D and waterproof. Sussex wedding photographer used to own a mirrorless camera but now uses a DSLR in capturing wedding images.

Here are some important factors to check into when choosing a mirrorless camera to buy.

  1. Sensors

Most mirrorless cameras have sensors that are not small like that in a compact digital but not too large either similar to the sensor of a full-frame DSLR. The sensors of most mirrorless are usually middle-sized or equivalent to APS-C and Four thirds in DSLRs. But then, with the high technology we have now, there are mirrorless cameras with large sensors available now in the market. Large sensors in cameras matter a lot for professionals like Wedding photographers Northampton.

  1. Lenses

In buying mirrorless cameras, you should know in advance if the brand or model you want to buy is compatible with SLR lenses. There are mirrorless cameras that are very versatile so you can attach SLR lenses on it. You only need to use an adapter to attach the SLR lenses to your mirrorless.

Some of your friends who own a DSLR might be able to lend you their lenses on occasions you need them. Or, maybe in the future if you also own a DSLR you can switch lenses as needed. This is definitely practical and can help you save money so you don’t have to buy many new lenses.

  1. Video capability

Most mirrorless cameras allow you to shoot in full HD like in DSLR while high-end mirrorless allows you to shoot 4K. Make sure to check the video capability of the mirrorless cameras you consider buying before finally choosing one.

Our technology continuously evolves and camera manufacturers are always in the running trying to find ways to offer the public the best products. Examine each model carefully before setting your eyes on one.

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Why You Should Buy an External Camera Flash

external camera flashProfessional photographers are very well aware of the importance of having enough light during photo shoots. Some of them prefer to use their on-camera flash while others choose to buy an external camera flash. Both sides have different reasons for using or not using an external camera flash. If you are new to photography and not sure whether to buy one, then read on to know the importance of a camera flash.

Basically, an external camera flash works to add more light to a low light location in order to improve the photographer’s shots. This important accessory can be found in different types. Some are small and cheap while others are big and expensive. There are also flashes that can be used off-cam which means it can supply light even when detached to a camera. The guide number of the flash is also directly proportional to its size. The higher the guide number of a flash, the bigger it is.

When buying an external flash, you should also consider your purpose as well as your budget. It should be suitable to the type of photography you are into.  There are specialized flashes for specific purposes. Do a research on which one is right for you to use.

  1. It can provide you with more light

An external flash can illuminate a much wider space in your location. This is particularly useful in indoor locations where light is sometimes insufficient. Wedding photographers like wedding photographer essex use it in low-light wedding venues in order to get the necessary light that can help produce brilliant wedding photos.

  1. It can be tilted for more creative shots

Unlike most pop-up camera flash which cannot be tilted, external flashes can moved to your desired position. You can also easily diffuse the light to get a soft, natural light which is best for photographs.

  1. It can remove red eye

When you use an external flash, there is less possibility of getting a red eye since it is far from the lens of the camera. Red eye usually appears in a subject when flash is near the eye lining and it sometimes happens when you only use your built-in camera flash. Our friends in Wedding Photography Hertfordshire never had a red eye problem for they know how to deal with it.

  1. It won’t drain your battery

External flashes have their own batteries or battery packs separate from that of your camera’s battery pack. Hence, you can get sufficient light using a flash without affecting the battery level of your camera.

  1. It can be manipulated

Since most external flashes can be used off-cam, you can easily strategize on where to position it for more creative shots. You can bounce the light to the right direction to avoid harsh light and you can also diffuse it to get a softer light.

  1. It can recycle fast

External camera flashes recycle fast thus allowing you to take many photos in succession. You no longer need to worry about missing a moment when shooting an important event.

Indeed, an external camera flash can help photographers like you to get the remarkable shots you are after. Make sure to buy one that suits your needs and likes.

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My 5 Top Tips for Perfect Wedding Photographs

wedding photography tiipsBeing hired as the official wedding photographer can be flattering yet daunting. The couples and their guests will expect you to get the “perfect shots”. This is a challenge for you to give your best, show your skills and take brilliant, impressive photos.

Wedding photos help store memories of the couple’s special day hence it is important that you satisfy the couple with the photos you take. If you have just started your wedding photography business and you are unsure on where to start and what photos to take, then here are my 5 top tips for taking perfect wedding photographs.

  1. Ask for the couple’s shoot list

To avoid missing any shots that are deemed important by the couple, it is best to request for the bride to give you a list of the shots she wants you to take. I’m pretty sure this will include a shot of her and her siblings, a shot with her best friend, a shot with the flower girls and more shots with significant family members and friends.

Once you get the list, add your own ideas on what else needs to be photographed. Include a landscape picture of the venue, shots of the bridal dress particularly the train, pics of the rings, shoes, accessories and other special items. For more tips, you can ask our surrey wedding photographer.

  1. Assign a family member from both side to act as coordinators

Of course, you wouldn’t happen to know all members of the couple’s families so it is wise to request from the couple to assign one family member from each side to assist you in calling and gathering people for group or family shots. The assigned family member can easily identify and call the individuals you need for a particular shot. It also pays to know some of the family members and guests. Start with the bride’s and groom’s parents and siblings.

  1. Take portrait shots ahead of the ceremony

Set time to take portrait shots an hour or two before the ceremony starts. The couple still look fresh before the wedding ceremony thus making them appear more stunning in the wedding photos. Same with the guests, they’re makeup are freshly done and their outfits are still well-pressed so you can shoot more awesome pics.

  1. Bring extras – one won’t do

Bring an extra of everything – extra batteries, charger, camera, lenses and memory cards. It is always best to be prepared for whatever might happen. If your primary camera malfunctions, make sure you have your backup cam. Wedding Photographer Essex always brings extra camera and lenses when covering a wedding.

  1. Don’t forget the venue and special items

The couple chose the wedding venue because for there’s something they find special in it. Make sure you don’t forget to take landscape shots of the wedding venue/s before the actual wedding starts. You should not miss photographing the flowers, candles, decors you see at the venue.

Remember also to take macro shots of the bridal dress particularly the train, the wedding rings, bible, shoes, accessories and jewelries and other items that you think are important for the couple.

Working as a wedding photographer doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Don’t get too stressed trying to get the right shots. Take it slow but sure. As long as you prepare ahead and follow the tips above then you’ll be fine. Enjoy the experience!

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Photography Tip: Use A Monopod For Sports Photography

How_to_use_a_MonopodThe monopod is a fantastic tool for dedicated sports photographers. It is like a one legged tripod that serves a bit of a different purpose. The monopod only gives minimal support, so it is not ideal to use for taking long exposure pictures. Avoid night time photography with these unless the use of a tripod is highly impractical. The reason these are highly favored by sport photographers is because they are so mobile and crowd friendly. The monopod is light, if folds up, and is easy to use in a crowd of people. So how does one use a monopod?

First off, the monopod is not primarily for stabilizing your camera. The sooner you realize this, the better off you’ll be. It is more to give your arms a rest between shots. This is another reason why sports photographers love these. You can keep your camera out for the entire duration of the game without feeling like your muscles are going to fall off. Until you have stood on a side line with a big heavy camera in your hands for three hours you can’t understand how wonderful these are.  You can see how a steady monopod can make to an image by looking at some of the professional photographers that use them – this Manchester wedding photographer probably makes good use of a monopod in his work.

The monopod comes without a head since most photographers use collars instead. These are useful because you are able to rotate your camera from horizontal shots to upright position in one smooth motion. It is quick and easy. After you position your camera you want to make sure you are standing and holding the monopod correctly. You can stand with your feet spread shoulder-width apart, or you could pretend that you’re an archer and stagger your feet. The first position turns you into a tripod by having your two legs stand in for the missing ones on the monopod. Your feet and the monopod should form a right triangle. The other position is useful for wedging the monopod into the arch of your foot. The reason it is so important to stand correctly is because it increases the camera stability.

Yet another reason why monopods are incredibly fun for sport photographers is that you can lift the monopod and get an elevated picture. This can help you get in and get a photo of where the action is happening. Of course this will usually result in a blurry photo since it’ll be difficult to stabilize the camera. With practice and a good enough camera you can get some really high quality pictures this way though.

Again, the monopod is not a very good substitute for a tripod, but it serves its own purpose. It is lousy for long exposure night time pictures, but very useful for action packed events that last a long time. The rest it gives your arms is priceless, and as a plus it allows you to be ready to start snapping pictures any moment action happens. While photographing sports the action could happen very suddenly, and the monopod allows you to be ready for anything. It is a fantastic tool and very helpful for sports enthusiasts.

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Preparing for Family Photoshoot

It’s not easy getting the most out of a family photograph. Your family members can’t just show up and expect to have a great family photo, like everything in life you have to be prepared for the photo shoot. One way of making sure the family picture comes out perfectly is by making sure you have the right attire. It’s rather difficult getting the people to dress the way you want them to but you must be firm. These are some of the things that you can do to get the right family photograph.

Go for a colour coordinated look

Long gone are the days where all the family members had to where one color like black for a photo session. Photos taken in this manner are now considered to be quite bland and boring. The clothes should have different colors, not in a contrasting way but more of a contemplating way. This will ensure that the photo looks attractive.

Avoid logo’s and cartoon characters

As much as that teenage daughter of yours loves Linkin park t-shirts, they have no place in a family picture. If everyone wears plain clothes and one person puts on this t shirt then the focus of the photograph won’t be on the whole family but only on the person wearing the t shirt with those characters. No one wants a photo with distracting elements.

Home decorations

Considering that the family photo will be hanging inside your home, it would be a good idea to match the colors of the photograph with that of the home decor. This will ensure that photo blends in well. If you don’t do this the photograph will stand out like a sour thumb in the home.

Think about extra outfits

In the quest to get a family photo right you should think about trying on different clothes. As much as some clothes look like they are matching well together they might not look as good in a photograph. When such a situation occurs it’s good to be well prepared with other clothes on hand because getting everyone to pick different outfits on the fly can be a nightmarish affair for both you and the photographer.

Preparing for a family photography shootAccessories

Just as they do in life, accessories add to the feel of the attire you choose. Think how someone looks like when they are wearing a suit, they can decide to wear one with or without a tie. A tie in such a situation adds to the feel of professionalism and responsibility to the man in the photo. This just an example of how much power an accessory can have. So if you want to improve on a certain theme for the family photo then make sure you have accessories that add to its theme.

Classic Clothes mean Classy portraits!

Look for classy simple clothes for the entire family if you just can come up with the right theme for the photo sessions. Taking the classic route ensures that the photo has a timeless feel.

These tips should help you when you are thinking about what to wear to a family portrait shoot. So hopefully you will be able to get the right family photograph for your home. If you would like a quote for us to photography your family – give us a call!


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Now that you have taken that important step and decided that you are going to hire a professional wedding photographer, it is of utmost importance that you get the best photographer who will deliver awesome photos to remember you big day by.

Not all professional wedding photographers are able to do perfect work, some might be just as bad as those amateur photographers that you are trying so hard to avoid. Chances are you have done your research and narrowed down the list to a few potential photographers for your wedding. Since you can only pick one (and we hope it is us, hint hint), you can set up a meeting with each of them and ask them a few questions. After comparing their answers, you will of course make a much better decision.

So if you are the bride or groom, you are probably asking yourself, what are the top 5 questions that I should ask my wedding photographer? Outlined below are the top five questions that should help you along.

1. What Packages Are You Offering?

Top 5 questionsMajority of the professional photographers have various packages on offer designed to save their customers some money through certain bundle services. This is actually one of the best ways to get the best deal. If a wedding photographer is in a position to actually deliver every one of these packages that they are offering, chances are they actually know what they are doing and are truly in the business. This is the best way to separate the amateurs from the real deal because majority of the pro wannabes aren’t able to offer and deliver premium packages.

2. What Should I expect At Post-processing?

Post-processing is of course an important part of wedding photography and this is actually why you are paying the professional and didn’t hire your best friend or sibling with the nice camera. The photographer’s work doesn’t end after the wedding ends, the real work of editing then begins. Find out from them how much they are going to be retouching your photos and ask to see the ��before’ and ��after’ images that they have. If your photographer tells you they don’t edit their photos, then don’t waste time and simply move on to the next one because you really don’t want bad quality photos. Basic edits should be done on your images such as color, lighting and other necessary corrections.

3. Ever Shot At My Venue Before ? (Will You Check It Out Before The Wedding If Not?)

There are high chances that your experienced photographer has been to many wedding locations, yours included. Every venue is different and if they haven’t been to yours, they should be willing to scout it before your wedding. If they are willing to visit the place and get good working knowledge, then they are right for the job. If not, simply move on to the next one.

4. How Long Should I Wait To Get My Wedding Photos?

With the advancement in technology, the wedding photos shouldn’t take long. Six to eight weeks should be enough wait time, anything past that is too much wait time. Let your photographer assure you that you will get your photos sooner rather than too late. After the honeymoon should be okay.

5. What Is Your Back Up Plan?

Your wedding photographer should at least have a back-up camera and lenses. Get suspicious if a photographer doesn’t answer immediately about their backup plan. Is their a back-up photographer lined up by them in case they fail to show up because of an emergency? Your photographer should answer these questions to your satisfaction and assure you that they have all bases covered. You definitely deserve such high levels of commitment from your photographer.

With the above questions you simply can’t go wrong with your photographer. To discuss your wedding photography plans with us – get in touch

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Some people just don’t value the true meaning of images taken by the camera. They they seem to just forget it in time as their eyes see something sweet or new. But for us photographers, it’s a priceless treasure. They may not see the beauty of everything that surrounds them until you take a picture and make the difference. The results could be breath taking and astonishing, and that paints a smile on every single photographer. By the time you wake up, make it a habit to grab your camera and try to think deeply what shot you are going to make. Either it’s a black and white one, night sky, mountains, forests, it’s really up to you.

You can take pictures of almost anything your eyes can see. There is only one advice that professional photographers can give, be creative and be flexible. You can take pictures from where you at right now. But try to categorize what kind of images you want to capture. This is to make things more organized and easy going. Then at the end of the day, you can sum up and view all images you have captured under a particular category and save them on a single piece of file to avoid misplacing the images.

That’s just a small start towards learning more about photography.For information, you can watch the video below.

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